Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Above the gothic cloister, walking on the typically renaissance loggia, people can easily have the feeling that behind them are walking Beatrice of Aragon and King Matthias hand in hand. However, we can be sure that we very much hear the footsteps of the 21st century as the Royal Palace is a popular sight in Visegrád.

“Discover the Hungarian Renaissance!”

The golden age of Hungary is all around. The exploring of the palace in itself contains many experiences for those who are interested in history, but beside the permanent exhibitions and projections, taking a tour-guide, you can even easily spend a full half-day between the walls of the nearly 700-year-old complex.

Permanent exhibitions of the Royal Palace:

  • Stone exhibition of the Anjou-age
  • The history of the Royal Palace of Visegrád
  • A room from the age of Zsigmond
  • Royal kitchen
  • Corvin suite


For current ticket prices and opening hours, please see the following link:

2025 Visegrád, Fő utca 2. • +36-70/621-7349 •